Structured Commercialization Processes

Arc Completa has taken the best practices, technologies, and workflows from progressive industry leaders to create a streamlined toolkit of solutions to help your world class technology company become a world class manufacturing company.

Our company is based on a teaching model of durable solutions that are tuned to your internal strengths and capabilities so you can gain confidence and build a of foundation of continuous improvement and achievement.  If you can't understand, implement, maintain and own a solution that we developed, Arc Completa has failed.

Statistical Tools for Development and Growth

Arc Completa will help develop your quantitative understanding of your value proposition.  Every company has a unique technical language used to describe the product's components and performance.  Continuous improvement and commercialization is built on identifying critical elements of your design and processes.  

Arc Completa uses high confidence statistical tools that enable product's development and performance to move from a Qualitative Good and Bad perspective to a Quantitative How Good and How Bad.  Once the transition happens, our clients quickly move to solve their most critical problems that have slowed their commercialization efforts.

Commercial Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Instrumentation, smart components, and material science based companies often are creating new or using highly modified design rules to realize their products.  A critical consideration is  your ability to ensure that your product's design, manufacturing and test processes, and supply chain has the capability to support your growth.

Arc Completa uses advanced parametric modeling tools very early in our engagements to ensure that risks are understood and allocated appropriately to increase the probability of successful commercialization and growth.  These models are your foundation to ensure your growth is controlled and sustainable.